Mental health stigma is a silent killer and its effect is catastrophic

Young Depressed Boysource: The HuffPost
published: 27 October 2017

We’ve probably all heard the statistic that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime and while this is indeed a significant number, what does that mean in our everyday lives?

To put this into perspective, at Ditch the Label we commissioned a study with Brandwatch of 12.9 million social media conversations examining attitudes to mental health and the link between mental health and bullying.

We’ve long known about the irrefutable relationship between bullying and mental health and just how severe the impacts can be. Bullying undermines self-esteem and confidence, with those who are bullied often blaming themselves and seeing themselves as the problem, especially if unique factors about them are targeted.

This can breed internalised resentment and as such, a person who experiences for example, homophobic abuse is likely to see their sexuality as the issue, rather than the wider picture of it being the homophobic attitude of the perpetrator at fault.

Mental health is inevitably an issue that we at Ditch the Label are incredibly passionate about. Young people tell us every single day about some of the struggles they face and about the unique challenges posed by modern society and culture.

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