Hands UnitedOUR APPROACH ..

Adopting the role of ‘positive deviants’, we will avoid some of the familiar problems with addressing concerns related to the mental health experiences of African and Caribbean communities and the failure to synthesize evidence drawn from lived experience, practical expertise and research.

We provide capacity building, funding support, service incubation, networking opportunities and access to professional services for community groups, enterprises and organisations. See full Mission, Aims & Objectives here >


Our core objective is to unlock the potential and assets of the African and Caribbean community, organisations and businesses who want to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their communities.

By addressing key challenges and nurturing excellent grassroots solutions, the hub can be a catalyst for change, ultimately creating a community that is more mentally healthy, more accepting of people with mental illness and resilient.


Mental health conditions affect the whole population across all ages. Worldwide, one in four people are affected by mental health problems at some point in their lives.

A considerable body of evidence exists which demonstrates poor experiences and outcomes within African and Caribbean communities in relation to mental health support and services. Much of the recognised research already available highlights broad and enduring inequalities.


We anticipate that CATALYST 4 CHANGE will be funded through a mixture of grant funding, sponsorship, self-generated income and affiliate membership fees.

Our Business Plan will include a return on social investment approach and full cost recovery strategy to generate a level of income that will ensure future sustainability.

CATALYST will be governed by Company Directors and receive external input from an independent advisory group.