Capacity Building

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CATALYST 4 CHANGE will provide practical hands-on capacity building support services for service user led, voluntary and community sector mental health and wellbeing organisations based on a unique response tailored to their particular needs.

This will include signposting to other member organisations as well as external and professional services that offer our affiliates specific member benefits.


Many small, developing and even well established organisations rarely have access to affordable and individually tailored capacity building support or training.

With the added value of the vast expertise of member organisations also available to our affiliates, we also foresee opportunities for greater collaboration in service development and delivery as a direct consequence of the network and indeed, is something that we would strongly encourage and facilitate as part of our core operations.


Affiliated members get access to pre-determined levels of the above and other CATALYST 4 CHANGE services.

The level of service will be dependent upon the selected affiliate option. We have a range of options suited to organisations, community groups and individuals. Incubated services receive fully inclusive support.