Professional Services


We will maintain an up to date online directory of both member and external professional services across a broad spectrum from office services to consultancy. Coming Soon!

In addition most professional service providers will extend discounted rates to affiliate members, and affiliates themselves can register any professional services they may provide on the directory as well.


Organisations frequently are unsure where to turn when in need of professional services such as catering providers, building maintenance, web and online services, accountancy services and the like.

We will not only provide affiliates with a menu of services, but also encourage agencies to make use of each other’s skills and specialisms. Our approach will be based on sharing brokerage amongst the network as well as from external sources.


Affiliated members get access to pre-determined levels of the above and other CATALYST 4 CHANGE services.

The level of service will be dependent upon the selected affiliate option. We have a range of options suited to organisations, community groups and individuals. Incubated services receive fully inclusive support.