Service Incubation

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The comprehensive service incubation will provide the safety net of a fully constituted and accountable body acting as the responsible agency for any developing organisations until they have the confidence and infrastructure to be fully independent.

Equally, longstanding organisations can also experience periods where their governance capacity or energy is adversely affected and are in need of a temporary accountable body for support.


We are aware that there are many groups of people within our communities that have the capacity to deliver services that can have a positive impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our communities.

They may not, however, have the skills or experience to establish properly constituted entities, carry out necessary research and consultancy on proposed services, or the overall ability to set up and manage complex policy and / or legal arrangements required to satisfy funding and charitable criteria and conditions.

CATALYST 4 CHANGE will bridge that gap!


Affiliated members get access to pre-determined levels of the above and other CATALYST 4 CHANGE services.

The level of service will be dependent upon the selected affiliate option. We have a range of options suited to organisations, community groups and individuals. Incubated services receive fully inclusive support.